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A laundromat casino animation series that reflects the current state of late-stage capitalism.

  • Art
  • LGBTQ+
  • Animation
nicole ruggiero x planttdaddii

What are you making?

BEGINNER’S LUCK is an Animated Series Pilot. In a severe global soap shortage, the working class finds comfort in the Wish n’ Wash laundromat and casino. This is a clip of a Washerotter assisting a very lucky customer that has just won big.

How will your project impact the world?

Hopefully, it will give a humorous yet serious look into LGBTQ+ lives and the effects of late-stage capitalism on the working class.

What progress have you made?

We have planned out the project and we are starting to build out 3D character assets, rigs, and the 3D environment. We would love to hire others to help us on the road to project completion.

Why are you the right person to make this project?

My partner and I are both non-binary lesbians & artists. We have seen a lot of people become rich and change due to the effects of late-stage capitalism. This is a humorous yet non-offensive way to cope and share our experiences.

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